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The property is situated within the tiny ancient hamlet of Old Tame, which forms part of the village of Denshaw nestling in the Saddleworth Pennine Hills.

One of the first references of Old Tame was in 1543 when, following the dissolution of the monastries, control of the area passed from the Monks of Roche Abbey to the Lords of the Manor.

The term 'fold' means a sheep enclosure and the tiny hamlet was once centered upon farming, quarrying and hand loom weaving. The area is also renowned for its excellent soft water which would have been used to clean wool prior to hand loom weaving in the village cottages.

Earlier settlements in the region were often developed upon hillsides as the higher moors were bleak and the valley floors were swampy and considered unhealthy. Although the present building dates from the early 18th century, there will have been an holding upon the site in those early days. The present buiding was constructed from stone quarried on the farm.

 There is also evidence of an old pack horse track on the moor just above the cottages. This would have been used to get wool to markets from the tiny hamlet.


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